That great ruffle dress from Nordy's that I ordered? I finally received it, and well, it didn't work out. It's just a titch too small. Even with a body slimmer, it just wasn't as effortless to wear as I thought. Just by looking at the description wouldn't tell you that there are a LOT of snaps involved. Though the dress is very well made, the fabric very rich and heavy. And you have to give it to Nordy's - their packaging is great. They had the dress on a hanger in it's plastic cover. It was attached to a box in a way that when you open the lid, the dress unfolds, kinda like if you packed it in luggage.

Needless to say, I will be returning the dress and the search will continue. But I will return it to the store and hopefully find a proper replacement.

One silver lining was that Nordy's threw in an information card for Laura Mercier's Satinee Creme Eye Color. I was about to throw it away until I saw that it had a sample pack. So, of course I'll try it.

And good thing I did. When I applied it, I put a bit too much on my finger and ended up having to blend a lot more. I also got some on my lashes, which made them look weird until I could mascara over it.

The sample color I received was "Ecru Silk". It's a really light color, kinda like bone. Surprisingly, despite my tan skin, the light color stayed true. But because the color is so light, I couldn't wear it alone. I applied my regular eyeshadows and liquid eyeliner and it looked better. It made my eyeshadow stick more and look more solid, for lack of better word.

But the true test came when I went to wash my face in the evening. I didn't even think about it until the evening, but the creme color worked as a eyeshadow primer of sorts. It could be used on its own as eyeshadow, but I didn't because of the light color. By the time night rolled around, my eyemakeup held pretty much firm with only a minimal amount of creasing. Without this and even with other eyeshadow primers, creasing would be a given. Mind you, I had a 25-minute walk and a 30-minute Wii workout as well. This stuff really stuck.

Looking at the information card, it says it's supposed to be crease-proof. I've seen this claim made by many products before, but this is the first that I've seen actually come close to true.

I haven't use any Laura Mercier products before, though I do know some people that love the product line. This great experience will make me want to visit the beauty counter and pick up a tube. I am very interested in some of the other colors. At $22, it's not exactly a great bargain, but for me it's so worth it.

Laura Mercier Satinee Creme Eye Color via Nordstrom.


Lys said...

I've been wrestling with the idea of trying Laura Mercier - and the price tag throws me for a loop every. single. time. However, I do have her bronzer and I *love* it. Will have to check this out and see what my Nordys gal says.

Michelle said...

Yes, it's spendy. That's why I only bought the two colors. And it's great b/c they can be worn on their own or as a base. Very tempted by the other great colors, but will wait.