I talked about all the stuff I bought yesterday.

Now, I'll talk about all the stuff that I just want, but really don't particularly need.

A new Watch: I have three Fossil watches. Two of which were given to me as gifts. One of which I also received as a gift, but I got to choose myself (for 18th birthday). The latter watch no longer fits and I have lost the extra links. The former two are currently being worn - one a silver tone with a pink mother-of-pearl face with crystals, the other a gold leather strap with gold face. The pink face one doesn't have all the numbers, just the 12,3,6,9, which makes telling time for me a little bit harder (It doesn't help that the face itself is not round but more rectangular). The gold one cannot be worn in the waterproof. Technically it can, but the strap wouldn't do very well. For my next watch, I'd like it to be metal, waterproof, have all the numbers or at least markers for the numbers, and with not date-stamp. It can be either silver, gold, or two-tone metal. I really like this simple silver-tone Fossil watch.

Fossil Partners, L.P.

New cell phone. Now, I have a great simple phone. But it would be really nice to have a phone that has a camera and has Bluetooth (because now I have a car that is Bluetooth ready). I don't care about the qwerty keyboard because we don't have text messaging. I have had my current phone for over 2 years so I get an upgrade credit if I get a new one. Unfortunately, because our plan is so cheap, we usually don't qualify for the mail-in rebates they so often advertise. I'm a fan of Sanyo phones. I've never had a different brand, and well, with each new model, they keep the basic functions the same. I hate to learn to "phone" all over again. Hubby tried an LG phone once, and he hated it. He switched back to a Sanyo phone when he could. Sanyo's Katana Eclipse X has more features than I need, but has the ones I really want. Not sure if I'd enjoy carrying a pink phone, but it also comes in basic black, too.

Still want these diamond hoop earrings. And while I'm at it, I also want some basic hoops in white gold and yellow gold. Perhaps if I get a yearly bonus, I'll splurge again. Not expecting one, however, since the bonuses are based on 2008 company performance. We are developing a new site and since it won't open until later this year, it dragged down all our other locations. I'm crossing my fingers though. Back to the diamond hoop earrings. They're from Amazon and looks like they're not in stock at this moment, so that's a good thing.

Hamper that looks like furniture. I especially like this one from Bed Bath and Beyond. It would go in our hallway that would be used for the dirty towels. (We already have two other ones in our bedroom - one for whites, one for everything else. Also have one in the garage for Hubby's especially dirty work clothes and Carhartt overalls.) The one hamper that is currently in the hallway is one of those plastic Rubbermaid ones and I'd love to replace it with something that looks more elegant. Hence, this one that looks like furniture. But $90? Or $72 if you use the 20% off coupon? Seems a bit steep.

A fabulous Messenger Bag for work. I tried looking for a great backpack. I couldn't find one. They're either too sporty, too big, or too dainty. Actually, I take that back. They exist, but they're very expensive. I might just go the messenger bag route, so it might as well be an awesome one. No pic displayed because I haven't seen one of these yet either. Am picky, I suppose.

Jewelry from White House Black Market. Seeing these in person has got me drooling. But where to wear? While doing laundry or vacuuming the house? This cuff is stunning and this necklace is gorgeous.

So much to buy, so little money...


Amber said...

I love that watch! I've been looking for a great simple silver watch that goes with everything. That one is so classic, gotta love Fossil! :)

White House Black Market is fabulous! I have to walk by that store everyday on the way to work and I can't help but drool over the dresses on display there! So gorgeous!

wyn said...

I love Fossil watches, too, although they are generaly so... normally priced. Because of their range from nice and dressy to super-fun, I don't find myself very interested in looking at other lines whose brand is more luxurious. 'Sides, it's not like I wear a watch ever so mine shouldn't be this $1,000-showcase.

I think the hamper and a messenger bag are great ideas. Very grown-uppy. :)