Some things that have brought a smile to my face. They're simple and useful and make me happy.

Romantic Sensibility notepad by Paperblanks. I got one to carry around in my purse so I could jot down notes or reminders for myself. It's a tiny little book, measuring 2 3/4" x 3 1/2". Mine looks like the one pictured here, but the scroll detail in the corners and edges are gilded in gold. Also not shown is an elastic band that holds the book closed and a pocket on the inside back cover.

Owl Tote from BlueQ. This tote is the perfect thing for carrying my lunch to and from work. I would usually carry my lunches in a reused paper carrier bag from a store. But those tend to break down and die eventually, and I cannot justify buying something just to get the bag. I saw a co-worker with this bag and exclaimed its perfectness. She said we're carrying it in our retail store and that she got other bags in the line as well in different sizes. It was very tempting not to buy the larger grocery shopper bags (I have 4 reusable bags already!). And to boot, they're made from recycled plastic are way more durable than the paper bags I was using before. It even folds up nice to take back home in my work bag. The bags themselves are recyclable, if needed. Awesome!

Watching the University of Washington Live Mascot grow up via his blog, A Dawg's Life.

Espresso Truffle Mocha from Starbucks (I have another blog post I need to write about this.) It's quite delish.

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