The 13th... Ooh... scawwy. Here's a wiki all about this day. The 2nd one in a row this year.

No big plans for the night, except we are planning on going skiing (Hubby snowboarding) tomorrow at Crystal Mountain with some friends. Today would have been a great day to go - sunny & clear, but alas I have a day job. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be snowing. Oh well... So tonight we'll probably go grocery shopping for ski day snacks and then gather all of our snow gear. I'm hoping my ski pants still fit. Eek.

Still happy that I'm going to have a whole day to devote to shopping this Sunday. Have lots of ground to cover and will probably hit up Southcenter Mall. Haven't been shopping in so long. I need to practice my card swipe technique. lol.

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marisol said...

Have fun and enjoy your shopping day.