A Diet You Can Live With...too cute! From Sephora.

I'm not a huge fan of the chocolate shower gels. Chocolate is not something that I equate with 'clean', but love the idea of the set.

On a Philosophy side note, they were clearing out some items on Drugstore.com. One of the items was their Lemonade Salt Scrub. I've been living without any of their salt scrubs for a while now, so I was in dire need anyway. (They also had their candy cane scrub on special as well, but I prefer the citrus scents.) So the deal was buy 3 for $48, which made each tub $16 and they're usually $25 each. I've tried many body scrubs and theirs is the best. Especially with my tan doing the dry skin flaky thing, this scrub came just in time. I also had Drugstore.com dollars to spend and cash back from Fatwallet. Did I mention how good it smells? Love it! It really can transform a mood to a sunny one despite the chilly weather outside. Joy!

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