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This is the '6 Random Things About Me' meme, as if my blog is not random *enough*. I may even have mentioned them before on this blog. But here goes...

1. I cannot walk on heels. At least, not for very long. I do OK for an hour or two, but after that they just need to come right off. As for stiletto's, I can't walk in those AT ALL. I just don't have it in me to get used to walking in them. They hurt my toes and ankles. I'm short and I'm OK with that. It's not like I need to wear them for my job or anything...

2. I'm quite the homebody. As much as I like to go out on occasion, I'm most happy to spend an evening at home with my Hubby and dogs, or have people come over for a game of card games. Remember that day we spent playing Lego Indiana Jones all day. Bliss! (We finally beat it! Together! Now we want Lego Batman.)

3. Love having a nice set of nails, but I hate giving myself manicures. I make a mess, they don't last very long, and requires a lot of maintenance. Lately, I've had naked nails, albeit nicely shaped. On a related note, I hate giving myself pedicures. It's physically hard for me to bend that way and I make a huge mess on my toes. Love getting pedicures though at the salon.

4. Besides the usual things - wallet, keys, cell phone- I cannot go anywhere without lip gloss or lip balm. I can't leave the house without it.

5. Talking on the phone is something I try to avoid. I'm better about it now since I have to do for for some things. But if I can accomplish something using other means - Internet, email, fax - I'd rather do it that way. Or in person, if it's convenient. Funny, Hubby's the same way and we'll argue with each other about who's going to order the pizza.

6. I talk about financial stuff on this blog, but you may not know that I pretty much handle all of our household finances. I check our accounts, balance the checkbook, and do our taxes. I'm just into that sort of thing, and Hubby is not. Well, he'll do it if he has to (he did live on his own for a while) but he pretty much leaves it to me.


Paula said...

Love the random things! I love Lego Indiana Jones me and the hubby have almost beat it. :)

Auburn Kat said...

I really only talk on the phone to my family. I always just email my friends, I think it's easier =)