I'm still in search of a good body lotion like the now discontinued Neutrogena Skin Smoothing lotion. It had a glycolic in it that would help get rid of those bumps on the back of arms. Lately, I've been getting those same bumps on my legs. I blame most of that on hair removal - all techniques. It seems that when the hair grows back, it has trouble getting through every layer of skin. Thus, bumpy skin. Not all over, but enough that it's annoying.

Well, I was running low on body lotion anyway so might as well try to find another lotion with some sort of treatment - a glycolic or alpha-hydroxy. In the past, I have tried AmLactin (which smelled so bad, like ammonium and Eucerin (I didn't like the sticky texture, though they have changed the formula as of late). There is quite the selection in this kind of lotion, however, found in the drugstores.

But the one that caught my eye was Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Triple Smoothing Lotion with AHA.

So, I bought it. So far, so good. I like that it has a light fruity floral scent, but not overpowering or very much lingering. I can still wear my own perfume. The lotion absorbs well and have been feeling smooth. It's only been a few days, however, and I know it'll take some time to get rid of every last bump. But I'm happy with its moisturizing abilities so far.

It's just nice to know that there are more choices to replace my once favorite lotion, and it's not super expensive either (I'm talking about YOU, DermaDoctor!)

Also, I'm testing out a product to use post-waxing - Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Pads. I could have used these shortly after getting waxed, but didn't think about it. Will have on hand for next time. Stubble bumps are really bad, especially in the bikini area.


Paula said...

Oh! Let me know if those Bliss Pads work!

I like the Trader Joes Store brand lotion- it is creamy and wonderful.
I also heard exfoliating with a loofah or salt scrub helps with ingrowns. I also know that "Bikini Zone" cream works wonders for ingrowns in that area (although it is a bit pricey)

Good Luck! and Keep us updated on your search! :)

Auburn Kat said...

I've used Trader Joes store brand lotion as well and like it. i'm currently using Cetaphils for my hands and love it.