I forgot to mention! Over V-Day weekend we finished up on our taxes. Yay! I did the TurboTax Online version as I do every year. Our return has been accepted and we even have a date when we should be expecting our return. Apparently, the Government does their direct deposits on Fridays.

We got a pretty good return. Of course, Hubby thinks we pay too much in taxes. But he compares himself with friends and co-workers with completely different tax situations. We're married. We both have jobs. We have no children. We get taxed the most.

But we do have a plan for our refund - Pay off my student loan.

The tipping point came when Hubby saw how much I paid in student loan interest - in the neighborhood of $70 - of which $18 was tax deductible. Because we're paid fairly well we don't get to take the whole credit. He was just like, "Let's just pay this off and be done with it." And right now, I owe $2000 and it'll be so nice to get rid of the debt obligation. It's at the point where I can see the end of the tunnel and I just want to get there already.

As for the rest of the return, we haven't really decided what exactly to do with it. But most likely, we'll put it in savings and put it towards the credit card. We've been making some purchases lately that aren't part of the normal routine (UW Football Season Ticket renewal, some upfront money for our refinance, vacation expenses...oh, and I bought a Wii Fit! But more on that later since I ordered from Amazon and haven't gotten it yet.)

Even with all the plans, they cannot go forward until the money is in our hands. So for now, we just wait.


Amber said...

I've been waiting three weeks for mine! Argh! I requested direct deposit but when I checked the status of my return it said it was mailed on Friday. WTH? Oh well, if I don't have it I can't spend it!

Auburn Kat said...

I need to do mine still. I love using the TurboTax...

marisol said...

Congrats! I haven't done mine because I think I am going to owe some $$. Eeekkk!

Hope everything went well with the refinance of your home.