The temporary fix that the mailbox fairy did is working for the time being. Hubby, being a pipefitter, is plotting how to re-do the post with metal pipe. But it will have to wait until the weather gets better, which will probably be July. lol. Kinda glad that we kept the concrete blocks around - they are remnants from our old deck when we ripped it out and have been hanging around the house since.

In addition-
I'm driving around in a loaner car. I decided to take a Corolla since I just didn't care what my loaner car was, but after driving my car for a bit, it feels tiny. My car is getting a clear coat on the paint, leather treatment, and an undercoat. Also, my license plates are in and I don't have to make two trips to the dealership! And....I got a refund on license fees overpaid. $76! Woot!

It snowed all evening yesterday. I was fr-eaking out. I had to drive in the morning for my car's appointment and didn't want to cancel it again. It was very pretty though.

This morning I woke up to glorious rain. And was able to drive just fine.

Took down most of the Christmas decorations. Good bye, Christmas!

Went out to dinner on Saturday and Sunday, spending time with both sets of parents. Went to our local Mexican restaurant and The Cheesecake Factory. I've only been to the Factory a couple of times, but every time has been excellent. It's so hard to decide what to get since they have so many different items. I had a Strawberry Martini, shared a Chopped Salad, and had Chicken Madeira for my entree. All delish. Oh, and we got cheesecake slices to go: Classic with Fresh Strawberries, Low-Carb with Strawberries (surprisingly very good!), Key Lime, and Kahlua Coffee Cream. They were all really good, too.

Getting ready for our Mexico trip! SOOOOOO excited. The details have been mostly taken care of. Roommate will be taking care of the dogs and house, which is a great help. I'm going to the library tomorrow to pick up some airplane/beach reads. Also looking at possible excursions, though the plan is to sit on the beach, relax, and swim.

Went to the Doc for a follow-up visit. He prescribed me more massages. Oh darn! But I do have to admit, these treatment massages are not the same as a relaxation massage. They can be pretty uncomfortable, so no need to be jealous....

So...how are you?!


Paula said...

So glad to hear your mailbox is working again (lol). Sounds like you have been crazy busy! Happy New Year!

Auburn Kat said...

I could use a vacation to somewhere warm!