Another great product I saw (and bought) at Costco - Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats

I'm so glad that Costco is carrying this product. Every time I go there, I check out the pet section to see the dog treats. But they always carried those Milk-Bone biscuits and even their own Kirkland Signature brand of biscuit, and while my dogs like them, I think they're too large. These treats, in addition to being all organic and healthy, are a great small size. I would have to break those other biscuits to make them smaller, sometimes unsuccessfully. They came in Peanut Butter and Banana flavor, which I notice is not listed on their web site. Perhaps it's a special flavor for Costco specifically.

And while I wax poetic about Costco, I will also mention that I'm glad to see that they carry regional and locally made products. If you're visiting a different town, go to their Costco to check out some of the different products. Wet Noses is a local company and I'm all for supporting local businesses. They have an online store as well, for those not living in the PNW. Awesome!!

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Yvett said...

I haven't seen these at our CostCo, I'll look. Hopefully they;ll have them here too.