During the holiday season, our office sees an occasional treat thrown our way. This year, one of them was a sampler box from a local store called The Chocolate Box. It's a fairly new store that is really close the the famous Pike Place Market, but it's quickly become well known.

We got the Best of the Best box with pieces from local chocolatiers. It's simply presented with each chocolate exquisite on its own. But the best part is the 'map' that comes with it. It's in the same exact order as it is in the box with names of each chocolate under each picture of it. And on the back of the map is a description of the chocolatiers and their chocolates that are in the sampler. A great presentation in a addition to the great chocolates.

So far, my fave has been the Mayan Truffle. Like a snickerdoodle if the cookie part was chocolate truffle instead. Delish!


madi_shae_small said...

OMG! I love chocolate! I wish I could find a store around where I live that would do that. Its a great way to get business, plus share the business! Love the idea! Btw. I love you blogs, they are witty and interesting! Randomness is the bomb!

Paula said...

I love chocolates and love love love truffles! Sounds delightful! :)

Paula said...

P.S. I also tagged you :)