So, I mentioned previously that our mailbox got backed into during the snowstorm. And that Hubby put some concrete blocks out to help support it. (The blocks sorta look like this, with the bracket. Supposed to go under wooden decks and whatnot)

When I went out to check the mail, however, I saw that the mailbox post had been mounted into the bracket on one of the blocks. This made it a bit more stable. I asked Hubby about it and he said he didn't do it.

Someone has a guilty conscience? Who knows. No one has said a word.

Also, still haven't gotten any mail. Grrr. Hopefully today, with the mailbox being somewhat fixed for the time being. Here's to hoping.


Lys said...

I think a guilty conscience was definitely at play - or a good samaritan. Either way - I hope the mail resumes for you!

Auburn Kat said...

I'm with Lys. Hopefully you will get mail soon! =)

Little Fish said...

Duh, Michelle- it was obviously the mailbox fairy! LOL- hope you had a a very happy new year.