Why is it when you are going on vacation, you have to work really hard at your job before you go and after you get back. Well, that's the case with me. As a co-worker told me, at jobs like ours, the work doesn't really go away - it waits for you.

We've been looking in refinancing the house for quite a while, but the rates aren't low enough to actually save any money. But a loan consultant at the bank that currently has our loan is offering 4.75% 30-year fixed. Yowza, that's low. And we can roll in our Home Equity loan into it. So, we're looking into that.

Got my legs waxed in preparation for my vacay. Love having smooth legs. And so does Hubby. On me, I mean.

I'm thinking I also need a new pair of sunglasses. I'm just not loving the current pair that I have even though they're Kate Spade. I want bigger frames so I can be all celebrity too-cool-for-you with those big ol' sunglasses. Like these Gucci ones.

Don't know if it's made it on the national news, but there's a whole lot of flooding going on in Western Washington. My house is A-OK as we're not by any rivers and we're kinda on a hill. But, my train was cancelled so I had to ride the bus. And the highway was covered in water, so we had to detour. It was not a problem in the morning, but in the afternoon, it was terribly trafficky. A fellow passenger thought it would be a good idea to go on the back roads (in a bus!) and it was! We probably saved a good half-hour of waiting in traffic. But it took about 1 1/2 hours to get home.

So glad it's Friday!


marisol said...

You are going to Cancun on your vacation, right? I think I saw you post it on Twitter. You will have a blast!

My job is like yours... I go away and the work just piles up. Suuuuucks!

Glad that your house is ok.

Auburn Kat said...

My job is the sameway, my work just waits for me when I'm not there.

Glad to hear your house is ok!

Paula said...

So sorry about all the flooding - I heard on the news all about it! I also hate the time at work before and after vacation- I think a pre vacation should be instilled (lol). Yay for smooth legs (I love getting my legs waxed). :)

Yvett said...

It did make the national news and I thought of you. I'm glad you're alright!

"And so does Hubby. On me, I mean." LOL!