I don't know why this surprises me, but I suppose it's because I'm a planner, so I must plan things to the very last detail. This can take the spontaneity out of things, but I just don't like surprises. Especially, BAD surprises.

I've mentioned before the Hubby and I own a vacation membership. In addition to using it, we also rent out weeks to alleviate the cost of the membership itself. We offer most of the year with certain holiday weeks blacked out. We have a post on Redweek.com which has been pretty successful in creating exposure. (Redweek is a place to sell, rent, buy timeshare and vacation rentals. You can browse as a guest, but you have to sign up for membership to get contact details.)

And what requests do we get?

- People ask for dates during the blackout weeks, even though it's specifically outlined in the ad
- People ask for dates with small time windows, such as the end of the current month or sometime in the next month.

This last one is what gets me the most, because there's is usually NO availability when giving such a small time window. If you're going to spend thousands on a vacation, wouldn't you want to plan a little bit more? What about your plane tickets? Aren't those expensive when you buy last minute? I just don't get it....



Paula said...

So frustrating! I'm a planner most of the time as well..... I hope it all works out!

Auburn Kat said...

I'm with you! I am such a planner although sometimes I wish I was a little more relaxed!