For Christmas, my brother & sister-in-law got this for Hubby and I. It's a Mino Flip.

It's a pocket video camera and it's oh so cool. This is going to come in handy on our vacation, except when it runs out of battery...since it charges through the USB on the computer...

We don't have a video camera, so we're really excited to be able to take a vacation with one. And it's really easy to use, which is good for us. Did I mention it's little? It fits in a pocket, it's that small.

Gadgets are neat!


Little Fish said...

That's the coolest thing I've ever seen!

Fabulously Broke said...

I would LOVE that! A pocket video cam?

Are you going to review it and tell me how the video quality is, etc?

battery time... screen quality..? buttons? :)

Fabulously Broke in the City

"Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."

marisol said...

Gadgets ARE neat! Enjoy playing around with it. It will be great for your trip.

Jenny said...

What a cool little camera!

As far as charging goes, you can pick up adapters for USB gadgets that plug into the wall. You just plug your USB device into it (anything with a USB charger) and plug it in the wall. They're super portable. I got mine at the Apple Store, but I imagine that any electronics store would have them, maybe even WalMart or Target.

Enjoy your trip!!

Jen Z

Amber said...

Cute! (only I would call gadget cute -- lol!)
I'm totally gadget obsessed right now. I want iPods, cameras, cool phones -- all crap I really don't need. But do I want it? YES! :)

Hope you have fun on your upcoming vacay!

Paula said...

Very cool- enjoy the vaca!