As I mentioned yesterday, I have a raccoon tan due to wearing my sunglasses. I wasn't even trying to tan my face. I faithfully wore sunblock spf 30! But now, I have some slight lines on my cheeks and temples.

But I also received a sample of Murad's Firming Bronzer for Face and Body. A little dab of this and it seems to be doing the trick. The product itself is actually quite liquid and so a little goes a really long way. It's also quite sheer and adds a slight wash of color. It's not so obvious. While it doesn't match up completely, it helps make my sunglass tan less noticable. And it has spf 15 to boot.

Using this in conjunction with MAC's Bronzing Powder has been most successful.

Hopefully both will last me until Summer arrives in the Northwest.


Paula said...

Sounds like an interesting product- I love stuff with SPF in it already!

Lys said...

I'll have to take a looksee on the next Sephora jaunt. Right now my face is freaking out - don't know if it's from stress, the dog, or all of the above.

Auburn Kat said...

The only thing I know is...I burn, I don't tan! =)