Here's a sneaky trick that my brother had passed along to me.

Some grocery store chains also have an associated gas station. For me, it's Safeway (which goes by different names in different regions of the country). Spend money in the store and get a discount on the gas. With the Safeway, they have Safeway Club card and that keeps track of your spending in order to get the discounts.

When the card was first introduced, some people didn't want to sign up for it because of a lack of privacy. They pretty much collect information about what you buy and when you buy it. But for the most part, many people did, myself included. And when you sign up, you give a phone number. If you have a phone number, then you don't really need the card. I've lost my card already so I just use my phone number.

Where is this leading?

Well, for the people that didn't want to sign up themselves, they just used a bogus phone number or someone else's phone number. And what's easier than just entering the same digit?

And here's the trick...

Many people merely enter in all 9's, or all 4's...all ONE number. MANY people, all over the country!

Because of the current fuel discount program at Safeway, the fuel discounts accumulate. Using this trick, my bro has gotten 40 cents off per gallon! It's pretty random, you don't know what the discount is going to be, but that's part of the fun. You're almost guaranteed to save more than or as much as if you were doing it alone.

One caveat, however, is that so many people are doing this, you may encounter the standard club card discount of 3 cents off per gallon. If you do, you can merely cancel the transaction and try another number combination.

Bro also told me that every once in a while they'll clear out all the bogus numbers, but it doesn't take long for it to appear again.

Happy, happy at the pump!


Paula said...

I love that grocery stores have gas pumps, but the nearest one that has that to me is 30mins away. :(
Thanks for the tip though!

marisol said...

Great tip!

I don't know why people are so preocupied with the grocery store knowing what they purchase.

If they can use that info to better market items for me, then more power to them.