I was thinking about the New Years resolutions I had made this year. And frankly, I forgot what they were, except for one: Eat Brussels Sprouts.

I knew I hadn't done it as of yet and I still wanted to. So I looked on my go-to site for recipes, Food Network, and used this one for Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. The recipe called for slab bacon, but I used 4 slices of sliced bacon instead. Also, could not find packages of Brussels sprouts but could weigh out 20 oz of them on the scale at the store.

Hubby is not a fan of the sprouts. He had them as a child and didn't like them then. I was fortunate (I suppose) that I didn't have to eat them as a child because Mom didn't like them either. But I was determined. I mean, I like cabbage and they're just little cabbages.

So, I made them using the recipe. And they turned out awesome! Hubby says they're usually really bitter but mine were not. I'm guessing that the roasting caramelizes them a bit and takes out the bitterness. In all, they were delicious and I will make them again. Also, this recipe called for walnut pieces and they were a great addition as well, but not really necessary.

As far as my other resolutions, we did pretty well. The only one I didn't actually do was #5. Pay off student loan. I actually didn't make any additional payments on this one as other loans have priority. Plus the unplanned car loan. The credit cards are paid off (all of them!), I maxed out my IRA (though I don't think I contributed much more to Hubby's), Savings are built up a bit more despite paying off debt as well, and have been eating more veggies.

But I'm really glad I made the Brussels Sprouts finally. Hooray!


deanna said...

Anything can't be bad with bacon on it, right?

Auburn Kat said...

I don't think I'm going to include brussel sprouts on my list for 2009=)