Some tips for those that have waited until now to do the holiday thing...

Last minute all-purpose, crowd-pleasing gift: The Amazon Gift Certificate. You don't have to leave the house to buy it, and you can send it to your gift recipient via email.

Last minute decor: Ice luminarias. I love this idea - it looks so fancy, but is so easy to make. Another idea: Paper Snowflakes. The bonus is that this one is incredibly cheap and can be done with the whole family.

Last minute appetizer: Spiced nuts! These also make great gifts. I do exaggerate the "last minute" part however, as it does take time to prepare and cook. BUT the ingredients are ones that are found in most pantries. The interweb abounds with spiced nut recipes. Go find one that suits your taste and make it! This also makes a great gift.

Last minute wrapping paper: As discussed in my "green holiday" post, if you don't have traditional wrapping paper, use newspaper, brown grocery bags, or even fabric. Be creative with this!

Last minute cocktail: Champagne sippers. Add one of the following to a glass of champagne for a festive change - frozen cranberries, a scoop of sorbet, frozen berries, a splash of Chambord (a raspberry liqueur), or juice (like cranberry or pomegranate). Not into alcohol? Try it with ginger ale instead. Bubbles without the alcohol!

Last minute foodie gift: Spice Rub! Raid your spice rack to create a spice rub. You can make a large batch and split it up into food storage containers or baggies for giving away. If you have a little more time, you can give ideas on how to use the rub. Share the recipe if you're so inclined. Remember to save some for yourself as well! Again, check out recipes web sites as there's a spice rub for every taste.

Do you have a great last minute holiday idea? Do share in the comments section!

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Auburn Kat said...

Regifting! =) Just kidding! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!