We did not escape the snow and cold unscathed.

I didn't mention before on this blog, but Hubby was out of town the weekend before Christmas. He went on a Guy's trip to Vegas to see the Vegas Bowl. But due to the snow, Alaska Airlines cancelled all of their flights. So they were all stuck in Vegas awaiting a flight home. The could be stuck in worse cities, but it was unplanned nonetheless. They did manage to get home the day after their planned flight, but had to buy tickets from Southwest Airlines. We're still waiting to see what Alaska is going to do to compensate. They are "currently experiencing high call volume". Ya think?

I don't know whether it was all their partying or spending lots of times in smoke-filled casinos or people-filled airports and airplanes, but Hubby came back with a bug. He went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with Bronchitis. He's been sick for over a week and it's not pretty. I was trying to find out of it was contagious or not, and the answer is yes and no. Bronchitis is literally the swelling of the airtubes to the lungs. This can be caused by a cold or flu virus or irritants. So, cold and flu are contagious, and bronchitis may follow. I'm hoping to not catch his bug, but then again, I am diligent about taking my vitamins. This illness has already ruined Christmas and sleighted to ruin New Years Eve. Ugh!

Another casualty of the cold - Our mailbox. Someone, I don't know who, backed into our mailbox. With the ground finally thawing out, it can no longer stand on its own. And with Hubby all sick and pathetic, it won't be fixed anytime soon. It's now being propped up with cement blocks. I haven't gotten my mail two days in a row because the mailbox was sitting on the ground. I don't know who did it which is more upsetting than anything. Do people have any decency anymore? (Another mailbox was hit as well, but ours got the brunt of it).

Grrr! Hoping this is the end of it and that the New Year will start off on a better foot.

With that, I hope everyone has a Happy New Year! I don't know what we'll be doing, but it will certainly involve champagne.


Paula said...

Oh how terrible! I hope your hubby feels better and good luck with the mailbox. Have a wonderful New Years :)

Lys said...

Some people just don't have any respect anymore. Sorry about the mailbox. They'll have some bad karma, that's for sure.

Hope you fight the good fight against that bug, hubs gets better, Alaska Airlines finally takes a call (or call/write the CEO and put him on blast *LOL*) and Happy New Year, Michelle!