Hubby and I were Election Night geeks last night. I cooked dinner to the sounds of the Election Night coverage. My haircut was rescheduled because my hairdresser wasn't feeling well, which gave me more time to watch the news.

It was hard not to get distracted by all the Election related hubbub.

I don't really get into politics on this blog, but I will today. When Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech, it gave me chills...in a good way. America really surprised me. Voters looked past the superficial and actually looked at the issues. I hope with Obama as President, we can regain our good reputation with the world. It's going to be a struggle as my country is in a tough spot, but together we can do it. And that is the what I feel is a main difference between the two candidates - Obama is more inclusive and unifies people (Victory party in public park), wheras McCain has divided people (Election night party in posh hotel, invite-only). Don't get me wrong, McCain is a great public servant and probably not as conservative as Republicans would like, but I didn't feel he spoke for me or my generation.

So, America, let's get on with the business of fixing our country. Let's not just create history...let us create a history to be proud of.


Little Fish said...

President Elect Barack Obamaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! YESSSSSSSSSS!

Auburn Kat said...

I'm with you, let's get on with fixing this country!