Hubby and I were discussing Christmas gift-giving plans last night. We agreed on what we're going to do this year for the families. We also agreed that we would only spend $100 on each other. I guess this lovely red Coach Soho bag will have to wait (it's $398). *sigh* It is very lovely, isn't it?

As for what I will get him....that, I'm not so sure about.


marisol said...

Awesome purse. I love that red color.

I am not doing too many gifts this year either. I guess it will be the spirit of the holidays that will prevail this year as it should.

Auburn Kat said...

Do you think Santa will deliver me a cute guy for Christmas?

Fabulously Broke said...

I like it, but I always love my purses to have a bit of jazz like a wild pattern or something fun because my whole outfits are normally v. neutral

Lys said...

That bag is fabulous!!!! :)

Yvett said...

We're doing lots of little gifts for the kids this year instead of one or two big gifts.

That purse is lovely! Sorry it's out of the price range.