Some little easy-to-digest tidbits for your Friday.

- Today I had some extra time in the morning. So I grabbed a Portobello Mushroom Piadini and a cup of Thanksgiving Blend coffee from Starbucks.

- Contemplating the Starbucks Gold card, do I really go there enough? They're selling Starbucks Gift Cards at Costco right now, $100 in gift cards for $80.

- While waiting for my train, I ate my breakfast and watched the sunrise. The colors are so spectacular over the snow-covered Cascade Mountains.

- Also while waiting for the train, Canadian Geese were flying in formation southwards.

- Back to Starbucks, if you get a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and you add a shot of espresso, it's delicious, but you barely taste coffee. You need to add two shots of espresso.

- Going to the Seahawks game this Sunday. Going with Dad and Hubby and we're going to ride the Sounder train. The season is going pretty crappy this year, so we're hoping for a win. Hoping.

- My new shoes are still doing great!

- Date night tonight! Yippee!


Mademoiselle & her Journey said...

Cotsco's deal is great for these who buy Starbucks coffee every day.

Have fun tonight :))

wyn said...

I don't like the idea of having 5 cards and not reloading one card from Costco... of course, that was intended to be a "gift pack" of cards. :)
Saw the piadinis in Portland (Oregon) and didn't try one - now I want to because they have not yet arrived in Canadian Starbucks. I love savoury treats. Which piadini do you like - there's 2 flavours?
I'm so frustrated because I was given a free gold card but it was long in being delivered and when I got around to using it, it was canceled, in Canada. :(

Michelle said...

Yeah...they're supposed to be gifts. As for the piadini's, I like them both, but the mushroom one is healthier.

Lys said...

I'm thinking of getting the "gift packs" of cards from Costco to load up onto my normal custom card (yes, I'm that geeky *LOL*). I've been debating about the gold card tho considering I go there 3-4x a week.

racheljohnson said...

i just went to Starbucks this morning and took your advice on the salted carmel hot chocolate with two shots of espresso. It was perfect! Thanks for the idea!


Auburn Kat said...

I really need to try one of the salted carmel hot chocolates!