Over the weekend, Hubby was complaining about a dry sinuses and not feeling well. He thinks it's due to the dry air. So I stopped by the Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get him a humidifier. You'd think in the soggy Northwest we wouldn't have to deal with dry air. However, with the cooler temps, we've had the heat on quite a bit, which dries out the air.

I don't have much experience with humidifiers. Mom would put a metal bowl of water on top of the fireplace to add moisture to the air. I don't have the fireplace to do the same thing. So I picked up this Bionaire Ultrasonic Humidifier because it was small enough to sit on the nightstand and it cost about what I wanted to pay. Reviews on Amazon are mixed. We've used it this whole week, and so far so good. Not as quiet as I'd like, but it could be worse. I'm just curious how it works as there's no heating of water involved. It's like magic.

Also while at BB&B, I picked up some pet stairs for my old girl, Bandit. She loves to sleep on the bed with us, but lately, she's having a hard time jumping onto the bed. Sometimes she doesn't quite make it and she slides off the side. So we decided to get the pet stairs in hopes that she won't have to jump on the bed. She's a little freaked out by them, but we'll have to train her a bit on them. It doesn't help that she can't hear very well.

While at the Supermall, I went to the Naturalizer Outlet. I've been thinking about shoes again. I bought a nice pair of black Danskos a while back to wear to work. Turns out, they're not as comfortable as their flatter versions. I can wear them all day, but I can't wear them all day every day. I want a shoe that I can pretty much wear to work every day. I've had good experience with Naturalizer shoes, so I was hoping they had something cute and comfortable. I ended up with these, named Taleen. And I'm happy to report that day 3 of wearing and they're really comfortable. I have high hopes for these shoes.


Auburn Kat said...

Awww, that's sweet of you to buy pet stairs!!!

Little Fish said...

cute shoes

Janice Lois said...
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