I had mentioned a couple of days ago the "Wish Come True" Sweepstakes they're having at Sephora.

Well, I decided to wish for a No!No! Hair remover. It is near the maximum limit of the wish ($300) and it'd be something I'd actually use.

Other ideas near the $300 Wish amount:

Juicy Couture Parfum - $300

GHD Glamour Styling Set - $270

PerriconeMD Age Less Neuropeptide Moisturizer - $280

Missoni Parfum - $300

GHD IV Styler - Pure or Dark - $295

T3 Evolution Hair Dryer - $300

It was actually enjoyable perusing the Sephora web site looking for Wish-worthy items. I have to put together a list for Hubby anyway and it just helped things along.

BTW, anyone ever use the No!No! hair removal tool? I'm just wondering what it feels like. I've had my legs waxed before and didn't find the experience super painful, but getting waxed regularly takes a toll on the wallet.


Yvett said...

I hope you win too!

Sorry, I haven't used it but it looks really cute. :P

Auburn Kat said...

I've never even heard of it before!

marisol said...

I hope you win and then you can give us a review!