This was the mantle decorations for the Halloween. They are flocked centerpiece things that looked really cool.

Here's me and Hubby in our costumes. Me in my flapper girl outfit and Hubby in his "horny" devil outfit. The party was a success and we had a great time, and a bunch of leftover food! Why is it that we tend to overbuy food?

And now that Halloween is over, I've decorated the mantle now in harvest decor - ceramic squash & acorns, corn, and fallen leaves.


Little Fish said...

love the decorations and the costumes are great!! so cute!

Lys said...

You definitely channeled your inner Martha with the decorations - very chic!

Love the costumes... Tell Hubby he's been in Vegas too many times *LOL*

Auburn Kat said...

I love the decorations and costumes too! I can't believe that it's already Nov!