Did I mention we're doing two turkeys this year? Well, yes we are.

I am baking a bird the traditional way, using a salt rub similar to the one I posted earlier from Bon Appetit. Instead of using the dried herbs separately, I merely mixed up salt with poultry seasoning and fresh cracked pepper. I prepared this last night along with cranberry sauce (no special recipe, just added 1 cup each sugar and water, will garnish with orange zest.)

Hubby, on the other hand, is deep-frying a turkey. He had talked to a co-worker about it and he suggested brining it. While we have done brining in the past with good results, I didn't want to do it with "my" bird. But Hubby was told that *this* brine added a lot of flavor to the meat and that injecting the bird with marinades wasn't necessary.

Here's the recipe:

Salty & Smoky Turkey Brine
(For small turkey 10 - 15 lbs)

2 Gallons Water (or more as needed to cover the bird)
1/4 cup Pickling/Canning Salt
2 cups Morton's Tender Quick (found next to the salt)
10 tsp Liquid Smoke (We used Wright's Hickory)

Add all ingredients together and stir. Place bird in the liquid and add more water to make sure turkey is covered completely with the brine.

Hubby whipped this up last night and for easy clean up, we put the brine and the bird in a garbage bag inside the deep-fryer pot. Even though I pulled the turkey out of the freezer Sunday night, it was still sorta hard. But I'm hoping that the brine and cold water will help defrost the turkey. I'm a little worried about it not being in the fridge, but then again it's in a salt bath which (I'm hoping) will discourage bacterial growth. The pot is sitting on a table in our breakfast nook, which is not a very warm place. Last night, the pot was really cold and this morning, it was also cold. I'll let you know if I get amazingly sick...

Tonight, I have a long night of food prep. The thing about the Thanksgiving feast is that it's not all that difficult to make each dish individually, but the fact that there are so many. It can cause a cook to go a little nutty. But I think I have things under control. At least I get to stay up late and we have dinner all taken care of, thanks to KFC.

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Little Fish said...

Well now I'm hungry. Everything sounds delicous.

Happy Thanksgiving!