After mentioning Philosophy's Hope in a Bottle quite a bit on this blog, I realized that I hadn't posted a beauty review on it (actually, haven't posted a beauty review in quite a while...whoops!). So here you go....

As many of you know, I have problem skin. I've had problem skin for a really long time. I was blessed/cursed with oily, acne-prone skin. It took years to correct and I'm still working at it. Philosophy's Hope in a Bottle is one tool in my arsenal that is keeping my skin clear.

I use it every day as my night cream. It's a personal thing. I can keep to using it only at night, whereas some people might need to use it during the day as well. It's designed so that it can be used both for day and night.

I would call this a treatment moisturizer (and I just looked, and Philosophy calls it that as well). Philosophy became famous for the Hope in a Jar moisturizer. But this is for those, like me, with troubled skin. Because this product combines the treatment of salicylic acid with a light moisturizer, you don't need a separate moisturizer. And the fewer products that are cluttering my medicine cabinet, the better.

The treatment is effective, but can't be relied on to do all the heavy lifting. In addition, I use Philosophy's Purity cleanser, the Present Skin Protector, and Biomedic's Conditioning Solution. On the rare occasion, I do get a breakout. And when I do, I treat it with Neutrogena On the Spot treatment.

At $38 for 2 ounces, it may seem like a lot. But for something that actually works and is gentle to your skin, it's so worth it. I have found it easily available at drugstore.com, Nordstrom, and Sephora stores. Philosophy often offers a gift with a minimum purchase at drugstore.com (which you can combine with cash back through Ebates or Fatwallet).


Lys said...

It has been a while since a beauty review. It's amazing - when I try a different moisturizer, I ALWAYS go back to my Philosophy Hope In A Jar - my skin just drinks in the stuff and it doesn't seem heavy or greasy. Loves it!

Auburn Kat said...

Hmmm...I just might have to try this one!

marisol said...

Great review. Glad that it is working for you.,