Currently waiting to board at Palm Springs Airport. It's been a great trip. Don't know how long this laptop battery is going to last. Glad I brought it though, so emails won't be so bad when I have to go to work tomorrow. It's really hot here and we saw so much stuff! Hardly spent any money either since my work paid for our meals. The rental car, a Dodge Charger, kicked ass and it was fun to fly around in it. I say that in jest, as people here do not drive very fast. Getting to drive the speed limit was a treat in itself. This place is really beautiful though. I know, I'm rambling. There aren't a lot of young people here, mostly retirees, but it's not a boring place. I don't mind that it's quiet at night, it made for a some very good sleep. If you're into hiking and golf, you'll be kept pretty busy. More of a recap later, going to board now. See you!

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marisol said...

I think they have an outlet mall there that you may want to check out.