Seeing as my retirement fund TOTALLY tanked recently**, we're trying our very darnedest to not spend money. Lately, we've been spending on food, the occasional latte, renting movies, and eating out.

I know what you're thinking, "You're still eating out?". Yes, I say. Yes, we are.

It's getting difficult though and it's not like we're eating at the fancy places, but at the local family-owned restaurants in our community. And we don't dine alone, we usually go out with our friends. So to us, it's dining as entertainment.

Back to the point of this post, with so little spending, I've pretty much cut out any purchases involving clothes and shoes. I had a little spending crazy mode there for a while, but it is now over. I have unpacked my Winter clothes and am content with the amount of sweaters I have. Of course, I'd like more, but unfortunately, it's not in the [credit] cards.

Doesn't mean I can't look, however...

I love this corduroy blazer from Vicky's (and they sure are making it awfully tempting to buy with all these coupons and savings events. All retailers are getting hurt, it seems.)

These pumps from BR are simply fabulous.

While Coach's recent offerings haven't really excited me too much, I do like the simple clean lines of their Zoe bag.

So many cute things.... *sigh* But priorities are priorities.

**At least I have time on my side. I'm optimistic that it'll all bounce back. As far as I'm concerned, the Stock Market is ON SALE!


Lys said...

That's the best way to look at the current stock situation, no?

Auburn Kat said...

I don't even open up my 401k, I know I have a longtime before I retire and there is nothing I can do about it now so I just don't worry about it! The markets will come back...

marisol said...

I don't even want to look at my 401K because I know that all I will do is weep. However, I am lucky in that I won't be able to touch those funds for a long time so I hope by then, I have made a bit more.