With the help of Hubby, I put up all my Halloween decorations. Turns out, I don't have that many. The other day I did stop into Target to see if they had some stuff left. They did, but the selection was highly picked over.

Tonight, I'm going to Pier 1 Imports on the way home from work. Their web site is promising, so I'm hoping that they have some stuff left in their store. I just adore this Halloween feather wreath (I'm on a wreath kick these days, what can I say?).

Also planned for the evening, a stop at the liquor store and Costco for Halloween evening treats. We're having some friends over for a game of poker while passing out candy to the neighborhood kids. Love that Halloween is on a Friday this year, it means we can stay up later.


marisol said...

have fun on Halloween! Take pics of your decor if you can.

I am not sure what I am doing on Friday. I am going to the Bay Area so maybe I will get into some ghoulish trouble there.

Auburn Kat said...

That sounds like the perfect Halloween night! I'm sure i will be at home...boo! Boo as in not fun, not boo as in a ghost =) WOW, bad joke!