Linens 'N Things retail stores are closing.

I couldn't believe it myself, but I got the emails and it's true.

Liquidation sale.

I happen to have some LNT gift cards, so I will be checking out one of the few stores that is still open Luckily I have one to visit, since the web site won't accept gift cards as payment. I also contacted the store location and they really don't know their end date. How scary is that? But, got some information - they will NOT be accepting those ubiquitous 20%-off coupons that are always around.

Some things I'll be looking for: A Fall leaf wreath, coffee grinder - a good one, white towels, outdoor chair cover (dog destroyed current one, probably from chasing a squirrel or other such rodent)

Get thee to LNT for some great deals!

p.s. Will also be shopping for Halloween costumes tonight and perhaps eat at great Thai restaurant, Indochine.


Auburn Kat said...

I definitely will be doing some bargain hunting!!!

marisol said...

How sad. I wonder why Bed Bath & Beyond is not in the same trouble as it is practically the same store.

Michelle said...

Marisol, I thought the same thing, but it turns out they are different companies completely. My friend, who is an ex-BBB employee, heard rumors that the LNT down the street was in trouble 5 years ago. So, it appears trouble was brewing for quite a while.