A local insurance company, PEMCO, has a new ad campaign out. The jist of it is that they're from the Northwest and know what is needed by residents here.

Some of the profiles have made it into the TV ads and they're quite apt. If you're not native to the area, there may be some that you don't get. But I think some are universal.

We're a Lot Like You: PEMCO Insurance

The profiles are pretty well written, but the ones I can really relate to are:

#3 Skis in the Rain Guy - I have skied in the rain more than once, it's not fun, but I did it.
#60 Blue Tarp Campers - It rains 75% of the time we went camping as a family
#73 The Blackberry Hunter - And I have the scratches to prove it!

And hilariously, you can order a t-shirt with your profile and collect trading cards!

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