UPDATE: In July, Ciao was merged with Microsoft's Bing service and pretty much is not operating as it was in the US. The UK site is still going, but in order to contribute you have to have a UK-based bank account. It was interesting while it lasted (there were some crazy members!) and I made a little bit of coffee money, but I will miss it a little.

A while back, I blogged about Ciao! A consumer website that where members review a myriad of products. Members get paid to write reviews (very little, like pennnies) and get paid for every time it gets read and get paid for every time it gets a good rating (Reads and ratings pay rates are small, pennies each - but they add up). They have a site established in the UK that has been going for a lot longer.

Recently, Ciao's parent company Greenfield Online was purchased by Microsoft, so now it has a larger financial backing.

But that's not the big news here and why I'm blogging about it. When I first joined, they mostly had reviews on consumer technology and electronics and that sort of thing. But they've been slowly adding new categories. What I'm most excited about is the addition of Beauty Products!

Heart! I have a lot to say on that subject!!!

So, if you've got extra time to kill, I found it a very easy way to make a little bit of money. But you have to be in it because you like to write, otherwise it's a slow money-making proposition.

Click HERE on my referral link to join.

And if you join, be sure to find me and add me as a friend. My screen name is grownupgirlie, naturally....


Auburn Kat said...

That's a really good idea!

marisol said...

I will check it out!