I was getting a little freaked out about having these Linens N Things gift cards and limited places to use them. So, I convinced Hubby to come with me to LNT while we were out on our costume hunt. We ended up going to a Party City which was right by the LNT and the Thai restaurant we wanted to go to. It was a very productive evening.

I got exactly what I was looking for! They actually had quite a lot of stuff. I'm guessing that they moved inventory from closed stores to stores that were still open (and in low-rent areas).

A leaf wreath - not as leafy as Pier 1's, but it was pretty much free. No complaints.

A good coffee grinder - by Krups.

Ped Egg - I couldn't resist.

Yankee Candles! In Vanilla Caramel and Pumpkin Pie.

Oh, and we went costume shopping as well. I tried on the flapper costume, but it was too small and not really worth the money. I did get a headpiece, however. I'll probably end up wearing my own black dress. Hubby got some horns and a black velvet cape. He's going to be a devil or demon or something. The girls at the coffee stand that he visits suggested that he be a Spartan ala "300". But, he only has a couple of weeks to build those great abs, so we suggest that he be "301"...the Spartan that didn't make the cut. But, we weren't able to find much for that. Maybe with more planning and time, we could have come up with something. Oh well.


Lisa-Marie said...

Christmas is so difficult, because you want to give everyone something special, and that is something they would like. This year, everyone will be getting one very small bought gift(a book, a bracelet etc), and i will be baking/making everyone else.

Auburn Kat said...

I want to go shopping now!

marisol said...

I forgot that they sell Yankee Candles. hhhmmm may be worth the drive over there to see what they have.

And the Ped Egg? I am so curious about it!