It's a rambling post today...

Not a whole lot happening here. The lovely weather has abruptly come to an end as clouds, and soon rain, have taken over. It truly is Fall in the Northwest.

At this time of year, however, Hubby and I consider purchasing season passes for one of the local ski resorts. The pass at Snoqualmie Summit is actually a pretty good deal, since it includes day passes at another local resort, Crystal Mountain.

But purchasing a season pass can be a gamble. Is it worth it? Will it actually snow? I remember a recent year, I think 3 winters ago, where the ski season was one month. And season pass holders were quite upset. They received partial refunds. The winter forecast released today is providing no help. It said it could go either way, with lots of snow or very little. The deadline for the discounted passes is October 31. Hmmm...

I'll have to break out my winter clothes soon. It's kinda like shopping and getting new things, except for the spending money part.

Hubby is really concerned about the whole economic mess. He wants to start stocking up on canned and prepared foods...just in case. He's not big on hoarding food, so this really means something. We've been trying to cut back a little on spending and putting more money towards our debt and savings (in equal measure). But other than that, we haven't changed our habits all that much. We were pretty frugal to begin with, I think. Has anyone else made any lifestyle changes?

Oh, and speaking of Hubby. He wanted me to put on my blog that UW should hire Pat Hill as the new football coach. While he was a supporter of Ty Willingham, he cannot allow a loss to Stanford. It was the proverbial last straw. I think Pat Hill is bad-ass and I think his moustache gives him special powers (I call it the "moustache of fury"). Happy now, Hubby?

Tonights VP debate. Can't wait. I predict a train wreck.


Paula said...

Good luck with the snow! We haven't made any lifestyle changes due to the economic mess, but it is creating cause for some concern.

Auburn Kat said...

It was 32 degrees here last night!!! I was freezing!