I'm going to Palm Springs this November with my Mom for a short weekend trip. For me, it will be partly business as I'm visiting a new location for my company and one of its development sites. But, I'll have plenty of time for fun.

We already have a place to stay and a rental car reserved (a screaming deal, as the luxury car *happened* to be the cheapest one to rent - must be due to bad gas mileage, but I don't care!). We are actually going to be staying in the city of La Quinta, and to be more exact, we'll be near Old Town La Quinta.

I will also most likely be visiting Rancho Mirage, which is closer to Palm Springs and am planning on visiting Palm Springs proper as well. We think it would be fun to peruse a thrift shop while we're down there, along with all the expensive shops.

While I have received some tips from fellow co-workers who have went down there, do any of you know what there is to do in the Desert? The place that I'm staying has a spa, so that is an option. It also has a couple of pools, which I plan on doing a lot of sitting by with a book. Some of our food will be taken care of and we'll be staying in a condo, so we can cook for ourselves as well. But, it would be nice to visit a restaurant down there if it's deemed essential to a visit to the area. I just don't know what there is all down there.

Anyone? Anyone?


Jenny said...

Hi Michelle,

I've never been, but I know that there is a tram that goes up the mountain, offering a great view. My parents got some great pics when they were there visiting my uncle (who happens to work at the tram). There's also tons of hiking and such.

Other than that, I don't know.

Sounds like it'll be a fun trip with your mom!

Auburn Kat said...

I've never been either..good luck!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tip, Jen! I heard about the tram as well, and may make it a must-see. Mom is big on bird-watching and it would be nice to get in the mountains a little.