I went on a couple of shopping excursions over the weekend. I still had things that I was looking for, and while I didn't find a whole lot, I found something that I have long been looking for - a red winter coat.

I wasn't planning on going in to Nordy's Rack, since it can been a disorganized zoo on weekends with super long checkout lines, but I figured that I might be able to find something. Lo and behold, they had a large selection of Winter coats. Mind you, it's bright and sunny and hot outside, so most people are not in the mood for Winter, let alone Fall.

When I saw this Anne Klein cashmere blend coat, the only one and in my size, I knew it was for me. I'm not the biggest fan of belts, but this one is removable with hidden belt loops. But with the belt on, it doesn't look all sloppy like the ones that you have to tie. For some reason, I can never tie them so that they actually look good. This belt has the buckle and the extra can be tucked into the loops. I didn't have it on for very long since it was very warm, but I can already see myself wearing it when the weather turns extra chilly. (They also had it on Overstock.com for a little bit, details here.) I ended up paying $100 for it, which I thought was a great price for such high quality and great design. Very flattering.

Other things acquired on my shopping trips: sweatpants from Old Navy and a peacock blue shirt from Banana (similar to the one I posted about earlier, but with a braided band and it's sleeveless). Also picked up a couple of headbands from Claires, one rhinestone one for the wedding and one in brown croc leather. So, not very fruitful, but I just got really tired of the malls I went to and wasn't finding a whole lot of what I was looking for. Still left on the list: casual blazer (I did find something I liked at Ann Taylor Outlet, but it was $99. Eek!), sweaters, cute hoodie, short sleeve blazer, and short denim trench (though may defer this one as not most necessary). Shopping is so tiring though, so it might be a while until I go again. S'ok though.


wyn said...

Awesome find! I agree with how tying belts is difficult to make look good and want a belted coat in the (belt) style that you managed to find.

Yvett said...

Wow, that was a great buy!