I spoke to soon when I said that there were no Sonic Drive-Ins in Washington state. I haven't checked the store locator recently, but I just did and I must restate: There are no Sonic Drive-Ins in Western Washington.

But good news is that the closest one is 80 miles away in Wenatchee. WOOT!

We could make a day trip of it! HA!

Actually, Wenatchee is where a lot of apples are grown. Many an apple in supermarkets nationwide come from Easterb Washington. When I was young, my family would make a day trip out to Wenatchee to get apples in the Fall. With this new information, I might be able to convince Hubby to go to Eastern Washington for a Autumn day trip to see the changing leaves and get some apples...and Sonic. (It's also Oktoberfest in the Bavarian theme town of Leavenworth, so this might be something to entice my Hubby to make the trip.)

Dear Sonic,

Please come to Western Washington. We see your commercials all the time and you do have a market. Despite our rainy reputation, we have many successful drive-in restaurants. And if you have a Drive-Thru window, it's really all you need (see Frugals and XXX Root Beer Restaurant and how can I forget, Dick's). You already have 2 loyal customers here in Maple Valley.



deanna said...

lol lol lol!!!!

Auburn Kat said...

I wish Sonic and Chick-fil-A would come to Buffalo!

Do you have Tim Horton's there?

Michelle said...

We don't have a Chick-fil-A or a Tim Hortons. If we go to Canada, however, they have Tim Hortons there. Though, I've had better donuts than theirs.