I was going over some Real Simple back issues, when I stumbled upon one that was a special issue. It had a catchy title which I forgot, but the gist was that it was showcasing the best of what's out there. One of the things they featured was VIACTIV Calcium Soft Chews.

And then I remembered that I had posted awhile back about the importance of vitamin D. Turns out these calcium chews not only contain calcium, but a fair amount of D. And they have reformulated so that a couple of the flavors, caramel and milk chocolate, have higher amounts of vitamin D & K. Something sweet AND good for you? I can dig it.

So, I bought the milk chocolate ones to keep in my desk at work. It's a great way to curb a chocolate craving. I won't say that it's the same and that there is no aftertaste (there is a slight one, but it doesn't bother me), but it's sweet and does the trick. To me it tastes sorta like a Tootsie Roll. I'm thinking of getting the caramel flavor to keep at home, if an urge for sugar ever arises (and it probably will).

For those that don't like taking vitamin in pill form, Viactiv also makes a multi-vitamin chew. Neat!


Auburn Kat said...

Real Simple is by far my favorite magazine!!!

Little Fish said...

Great tip- thanks

Paula said...

Viactiv is wonderful- I found the chocolate mint ones are the best (the least amount of aftertaste). :)