I love short weeks. They just go by so much faster.

Though have same amount of stuff to do, just in a one less day. So, a little tired from work - been so busy.

We got a color copier at work and it's so neat, and HUGE! But since it costs money to make color copies and prints, we have access codes. I have an access code and will be doling them out to worthy recipients. Mwah ha ha!

Got my hair cut yesterday, but not too drastic. I'm going to be in a wedding soon, and can't have any weird haircuts. Also, she practiced doing a beehive and it was fun wearing it around a little. I kept hitting it when getting in and out of my car though. For the wedding, it's going to be even taller. Can't wait! The only bad part was washing it, as it's quite the tangled mess of hair and styling product.

Tonight, Hubby and I are planning on going to the driving range and hitting a bucket of balls. The weather is going to be nice and it's a great way to spend an evening, in my opinion. We might even go golfing this weekend. The end of Summer is here, and we need to make the most of it. And they have a restaurant and bar, where we might or might not have dinner and drinks afterward.

Gotta get back to my busy-ness!

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Lesli said...

beehives--i have said this before--so fun! I wished I would have lived in the 60s ala Priscilla Presley--she had the BEST big hair in the photos I saw of her & Elvis.