At work, we upgraded our server to something bigger, better, and faster. The kinks aren't worked out quite yet (like, I cannot get into my accounting software which limits my work, and our email is not up and running due to an incompatible router, another work-limiter). But one thing that is so cool, is that I can access my work computer from home, or from any other computer for that matter.

I did a test run from home last night and it was really strange being able to open programs and work in them, all the from the comfort of my home office.

Combined with my fax machine, I can actually accomplish some things at home now. I could barely do anything without being in the office. I can't exactly telecommute exclusively, but it's a start.

*The above graphic is actually a cover a book: Telecommute!, via Amazon.


marisol said...

I too can access my work stuff from home but sometimes I think that too much access is a bit much. I mean, weekends and weeknights you are supposed to relax and there are times when I find myself logging on and working from home just because I can.

Auburn Kat said...

Gosh, I wish I could work at home! I think it would be a thousand times nicer...although I'm not sure hwo much I would get out of the house which could be bad.