I've always been a fan of the hoop earrings. Recently, I picked up a pair of dainty silver hoops with channel set faux diamonds. They're complete costume and I got them at The Limited. I think they were $12 and I got another set of silver hoop earrings for $6.

I'm finding that I'm wearing them all the time. I have a larger pair that is similar, but I find that I don't wear them that often. It must be because these are so much smaller that I feel I can wear them without being flashy.

The picture is actually a pair of real diamond earrings from Amazon.com. My completely fake pair looks kinda like these ones, except mine have a post and doesn't loop all the way around. Surprisingly, the Amazon pair is only $160. Those little diamonds must be easier to find... Something else for the wish list!


Yvett said...

Those are lovely! Only $160?!?!? What are you waiting for? Get them!

I love the sparkly hoops. I have some fake ones too that I got at Target for like $14. They're bigger hoops, though. I get a lot of compliments when I wear them but I do disclose that they are not real. I wish they were.

That's the same way my wedding band is. tiny little diamonds all around. I love it, love the eternity necklaces and the hoop earrings.

Lys said...

LOVE those and that price - OMG that's a steal!

Auburn Kat said...

I have a pair like that...I haven't worn them yet and I really should.

wyn said...

Whaddaya know? I also got a pair that look like what you posted - fake, of course - that's 1/2-inch in diameter for about $15, too, from Aldo Accessories. I wear them everyday because I can't not wear earrings and this style doesn't "suffocate" my piercing. Actually, when one got loose, I bought another pair so now I have 1.5 pairs! :)

Michelle said...

haha Yvette! You're not helping my wallet!