I was just browsing...really! When Fall comes around, I think about what new pieces I can get that will add to my wardrobe. I'm such a sweater person and I'm loving that we can finally look at all the new sweaters. Trying them on is another thing when it's warm outside. But not all things Fall are sweaters or even warm. It's also about new colors and textures.

For example, I'm seeing a lot of this peacock blue. I love this color, as it's bright and cheery, but also timeless. And this shirt below from Banana Republic is one that I'm adoring. Love the embroidery detail. I wonder if it goes all the way around?

And the jewelry coming out of Old Navy is fantastic.

Like the Horsebit bracelet set:

And this Enamled Lily Ring. Ab fab!

And it can't be Fall unless I'm thinking coats and jackets.

I'm especially fond of this red peacoat via Nordy's. Still on the search for a denim trenchcoat and a red heavy coat. Am also intrigued by this satin trench from Target.

Loving the new trend in shoes - wingtip details. This kate spade shoe embodies it perfectly. Though I don't think I could afford or walk in these... I can still love them though.

Oh, and cropped short-sleeve blazer again. I think this would be great over turtlenecks.

I'm also living this sweater from Vicky's. Looks so comfy.


Auburn Kat said...

I really need to get a new trench coat, thanks for the reminder!

Paula said...

Just discovered your Blog: So cute :)
I love, love, love the blues coming in this fall and the sweaters from VS are so comfy and yet stylish :)

Michelle said...

UPDATE: That ring from Old Navy is only in ONE SIZE, and it's not mine. grrr. Also, the bangles are great in person as well, but I had to force them on, so I passed.