Our dining room window treatments

BEFORE: Curtains from the 80's

AFTER: White Faux-Wood Blinds

We also moved the plant to a different spot. Taking out the curtains really expanded the space, physically and visually. I love how it better shows off that there are 3 separate windows and lets in a whole lot more light. Much more contemporary as well.

Though, it's a little unfair that in the 'before' picture the curtains are closed, while we left them open most of the time. But still... I LOVE my new mini blinds. I don't remember sharing the after photos. We also got these for all the other windows in the house. We (or Hubby) only have a couple left to put up, but it's already looking better.

UPDATE: They're all up now! And they look soooo much better. Though, now it's hard not to think about other little home improvement projects.


Amber said...

Love it! =)

Lys said...

It looks so modern - LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!!

Auburn Kat said...

Oh my gosh! That looks a thousand times better!

Yvett said...

Nice! Much better, Michelle. Good job.

To your credit, those colors were very much in style not too long ago. :P

Michelle said...

aw shucks, guys...You're so kind.

I guess I should add that we didn't pick the original curtains. They came with the house as per law (federal or state, I do not know, but window treatments must stay with the house). They served their purpose and I gave them away to a grateful person on Freecycle.org.