For someone who owns a car, you know there is a financial commitment involved - paying for gas, insurance, maintenance, air fresheners, fuzzy dice, etc.

And repairs. But you hope that if you do have to get something fixed, it's either inexpensive, easy, or something you can have a friend or family member do (At least I do, since I can change an air filter and add fluids, but that's about the extent of it).

But sometimes you get certain repairs that require professional help. I had one of those recently and it was very irritating.

I usually don't drive to work, but when I do I park in some parking spots that we rent. They're nearly under the Alaskan Way Viaduct, which for those that don't know is an elevated portion of Highway 99 that runs along the Seattle Waterfront.

One day I drove to work and parked in designated spot. When I returned to my car, my little window on my passenger side was cracked. Not the window that rolls down, but the small accent window just to the side of it. It looked shattered, but it hadn't fallen it. I was really upset thinking that someone tried to break in or something. Perhaps my car alarm scared them off? But they didn't try very hard because the window was still in tact. Then my thoughts turned to the Viaduct. Perhaps a rock had flown off and hit my little window. It has happened before as I've heard stories of people having to replace their windshields from objects flying off the Viaduct. I'm guessing that is what happened, but it still left me with a broken window.

I sorta wished they would have broken the larger passenger window. For anyone that has had to replace such specialty windows, you know that it's one of the most expensive pieces to replace, in terms of actual money spent for glass received. Keep that in mind when you think busting a window to get into a car is a good idea.

So, in the end, it was $187.00 to replace. And no, insurance didn't cover it since my deductible is higher than that. In comparison, I had to replace my windshield before out of pocket, and it was around $250. Grrrr. At least the whole process was painless. I made an appointment online and was able to get one the very next day, on a Saturday, and I was out of there in an hour.

But, here's hoping I won't have to do that again anytime soon.

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Auburn Kat said...

Knock on wood, I hope that doesn't happen to me anytime soon!