I finally had an evening to concentrate on shopping. I don't mind shopping alone. It's actually more productive that way - I actually try lots of things on without worrying about anyone else and can go wherever I want.

My first stop was Nordy's. I was looking to pick up the large Purity (which I've already discussed), but that was the only philosophy thing I bought. I also found a bra to wear with my bridesmaid dress. It's one of those "plunge" bras by Wacoal (love their bras) and it was on sale! Tried on a bunch of clothes but found nothing that I liked enough. Picked up iced white chocolate mocha from their cafe.

Then I went to Victoria's Secret. I had an Angels reward card and I spent it on my favorite panties, their Body by Victoria Ultrasmooth panties. This is the last time I'm going to use my Angels card, however. I had to use it to use the reward card, otherwise I'd cancel it already. For some reason, I never got my statement and I forgot I had a balance on it (how dare I?). It was less than $20 and it was a charge for a backordered item. I'm a little mad about it, but wasn't charged a late fee or anything. But, I don't really need the card anyway so I'm going to cancel it once my payment posts to my account. I heard the credit card customer service is horrible, so not really looking forward to that. Grrrrr!


I strolled through the new expansion at Southcenter...and it was so crowded with people. I wanted to spend more time in H&M, but not in their line for the cash register or dressing rooms. Perhaps another time. Glad to see some great new shops - MAC, Sephora, White House Black Market - but will have to go back when it's not so busy.

Went to the Gap to try on pants, as I mentioned before. Bought nothing, but did end up ordering those denim trousers online. I only bought one pair (I have the Banana Republic card with 'Luxe' status, so I get free shipping - yay!). We'll see how it goes before I decide to buy another. Who knows...they might go on sale or have a web coupon. Too bad the Gap (and related stores) have stopped working on Ebates, Fatwallet, etc. Must have something to do with their site re-design.

Shocked to see that Eddie Bauer had closed. It sure has been a while since I've been to the mall, hasn't it? Or to that side of it at least. I was *going* to shop for casual stuff there - shorts, capris, casual pants. Oh well.

Went to Ann Taylor Loft, and they were having a 20% off everything sale. I picked up a cute red/white seersucker skirt (I'm a sucker for seersucker) and this cute top in the blue. I love the dots! I have already worn it to work, and my only complaint is that it wrinkles a lil bit. Picked up a basic camisole top in black.

Popped into Macy*s because I had the gift card. Perused my favorite section - INC. Tried on a bunch of stuff. Left with nothing. Maybe I'll have better luck in the larger Seattle store.

I was getting pretty exhausted by this point. But I was sucked into The Limited by their promise on a sale on pants. After trying some on, I found a pair that I liked and fit well. And it came in brown and black. So I can cross off black pants and brown pants off the list. I also picked up a couple more basic camisoles in nude and chocolate brown. Their cami's are the best. They also gave me 2 coupons for $25 off $50 purchase. I'll probably go back and get a couple more cami's (I'm replacing my worn out ones, can you tell?). Maybe this time I'll have more energy to look for other things as well. (Side note: The Limited is finally going to have an online store. Yay!)

All in all, it was a successful shopping trip. Crossed some things off the list and didn't spend too much.


Yvett said...

Wow, you went to a lot of places. I only shop like that when I don't have the kids with me and that, uh . . never. :P

Yay for successful shopping trips!

Where did you find that illo you posted? It's really cute!

marisol said...

Sounds like a fun shopping day!

Michelle said...

yvett - i did a google images search. good way to find images...

and yes, it was a lot of fun to shop. i missed it.