They did a piece last night during NBC's Olympic coverage discussing how people are losing sleep due to the late Olympic coverage. I tried to find the video online but could not.

But the jist of it is that I'm not the only tired soul around here. And waking up to rain is not helping at all. At least I made my train this morning...

WebMD put out an article discussing this: Are you suffering from Olympics exhaustion?

At least this is temporary, because I can't keep staying up late just to watch TV. And I'm not even watching until the broadcast is over! I do miss a bunch of surprises by watching recordings a day late, but I cannot imagine staying up past midnight every night for two weeks straight.


Right now, I'm trying to wake up. I've got a latte and I had a bit of chocolate. Waiting for it to kick in.


Auburn Kat said...

I'm definitely suffering from it! Especially last week with the gymnastics!

marisol said...

I know that I was last week due to the swimming and the women's gymnastics competitions. But now I can finally go back to a normal schedule.

Little Fish said...

I told my boss that we should be opening the office later until the Olympics are over!