Hubby and I are trying to be more outdoorsy and active. One easy and cheap way to do this is to go on hikes. We have a lot of hikes in our area, so it's not that hard.

I picked up this book, Take a Hike Seattle, to help us navigate the nearby trails. Yes, there are a lot of resources on the web, but it'll be nice to have something easily accessible. This book specifically targets hikes that are within two miles of the city.

We are probably going to take a day hike during the Labor Day weekend, so it'll come in handy then. We have no plans set. We were invited to go to Lake Chelan, but we didn't really feel like going (it's waaay hot over there). Besides, staying home for the long weekend will help with the budget and allow Hubby to watch the Husky game on TV. Staycation, anyone?

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