On Fridays, I usually treat myself to Starbucks in the morning. Yes, I will treat myself on other days on occasion, but Fridays are "Latte Fridays" to me. (And Hubby too, since I won't set up the coffee maker.)

Today, because they had a massive line at the drive-thru, I went inside to get my coffee. It turned out not saving any time because of indecisive customer in front of me (who also happened to be an employee [!!!]), but it did give me the opportunity to try their new Vivanno smoothie. I've been intrigued and happy that they finally have a smoothie of their own. They had both flavors to try, Banana Chocolate and Orange Mango Banana.

I tried the Banana Chocolate. I'd be more apt to actually buy the Orange Mango one, because it actually sounds good. But a Banana Chocolate smoothie just doesn't sound that great to me. And it kinda looks like poo. Yes, I said poo. But because they had free samples, I tried it. And I have to say, it's actually pretty good. I'm not sure if it'd be good to have a large cup of it, but it could be a nice option for breakfast since it has that protein. I would have tried the Orange Mango, but taking two samples is taboo in my book.


wyn said...

I've heard good things about them but it wasn't anything special to me - perhaps not sweet enough as the usual Starbucks fraps. I wouldn't get a Vivanno alone because it only comes in a medium size (still?) - what's with that?

marisol said...

I tried the mango orange one and although it didn't look like poo, it tasted like it. I will never get it again. Gross!

wyn said...

I thought of you when I saw this Starbucks recipe book. Maybe you will find something you can try out. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the link, Wyn! Some of those recipes actually look pretty good.

Lys said...

I tried the orange mango and Marisol is being WAY too kind. Ughhhh - ruined my coffee for that whole day because I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth. Blech!